Michelle Marais (Cape Town) says:

Louis is helpful when choosing a grape variety and is always a pleasure to deal with. The quality of the grapes delivered it always excellent, making my job as a wine maker so much easier. Louis is always ready with advice or additional supplies if you need them.

The wine making kits are simple and easy to follow. I have no doubt that future students will enjoy Wessel's garagiste course and kits as much as I have. Your family and friends reap the benefits too, as I am constantly plying them with buckets of wine to taste and assess.

Of course, they do not use the spittoon.

Deerah Pillay-Lungoomiah (Benoni) says:

The winemaking kit had everything I needed to make wine including the special winemaking grapes. All the equipment was easy to use because of the instructions that were included. It made me understand fermentation and the complete chemistry of alcohol production.

What started out as a chore became a pleasure. I learnt so much that it helped me in my final exam and I got 97% for my project.

To bottle my own wine brought immense satisfaction and I would love to further my winemaking skills in the future.

An understanding of wine manufacturing in South Africa has given me insight into the vastness and scope of wine manufacturing science (Oenology).

Lebo (Pretoria) says:

I would like to extend my gratitude to you for showing me the basics of how to make wine and providing me with the equipment to start making my first wine. I had my first wine tasting today and the wine is fantastic. It was brilliant. My friends loved it. I love it.

I will be sending another e-mail on Monday to ask a couple of questions about the process I went through when I was making the wine because this e-mail, was just to say thank you very very much

Sally Adam (Mossel Bay) says:

We knew absolutely nothing about wine-making but were very keen to give it a try. Not wanting to make a large outlay on a new hobby before knowing if we actually enjoyed it, we were delighted to discover Louis`s starter kit. The kit contains everything you need to make your first batch of wine - all the ingredients are clearly labeled and the instructions are easy to follow. Our first wine (Merlot) is good enough to inspire us to continue with our wine-making and we'll definitely be contacting Louis again for more frozen must.

Leon Britz (Cape Town) says:

I wanted to make much more wine than the kit provided, so I contacted Louis for a custom order. He was extremely helpful in all regards: from which barrel to buy, which cultivar, and even which wood chips to use in my Pinotage. My first wine came out so well, that it inspired me to make even more the following year. I bought a second, bigger barrel, and am now making 150L of wine each year!