The Process

A booklet will give you step-by-step instructions. In a nutshell:

60-bottle red wine kit

The must (juice) will be delivered in a frozen state in 25 liter buckets or 70 liter drums. After defrosting, you decant the must into the fermentation tank.

Alcoholic fermentation

This happens in the fermentation tank. Yeast, bacteria and bacteria food is added. The sugar concentration gets measured on a daily basis with the provided baling meter. The juice and skins should be mixed on a regular basis. Depending on the ambient temperature, fermentation can take between 5 to 12 days.

Malolactic fermentation

This happens in the 50 liter oak barrel and takes up to 30 days or longer. The barrel gets filled with the juice, separated from the skins. The wine gets its first racking once the airlock stops making bubbles. Yeast sediment collects at the bottom of the barrel from which the clean wine should be racked. After racking the barrel gets cleaned and the wine poured back. Now the wine is ready for aging. During the aging process, sulphites can be added to protect the wine from spoiling. The wine can be bottled once you are satisfied with your aging process.

60-bottle white wine kit

The juice, without the skins, will be delivered in a frozen state in 25 liter buckets or 70 liter drums. The process is the same as with red wine except that the skins are not present, so mixing isn't necessary. White wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation, thus it is ready for drinking at an earlier stage. Bentonite is added to give the wine a pure, clear appearance. Aging happens in the provided 50 liter oak barrel.