Our Wine Making Kits

The kits consist of everything you need to make your own wine the traditional way, naturally. No additional consumables or equipment is necessary.

No previous winemaking experience is required as a self-explanatory booklet provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit. The booklet even indicates on how to produce a coffee-style Pinotage, if desired.

Only the best quality grapes from well-known producers are sourced for the kits.

The kits exist of two parts. Once you have the equipment, you need to buy only the consumables for winemaking in the future.

In order to preserve grape flavours to the maximum and prevent unwanted early fermentation, the must is blast-frozen. This does not affect the taste at all! The must is couriered in a frozen state. Once you receive it, it can be kept frozen until a convenient time to start the process.

All the plastic containers are food-grade.

Different yeast strains are used for different cultivars. With our kits you can be assured to get the right strain for the cultivar you choose. Malolactic fermentation is completed first for red wine. After about 20 to 30 days (depending on climate and whether it's white or red wine) it will be ready for drinking. However, we recommend that the wine matures longer in the oak barrel, according to your preference.

A small space (approximately 1m x 1m), preferably in a cool spot, is required.

Kits include:

Red White
60 btl 60 btl
50L oak barrel 1 1
140L fermentation tank 1
Baling meter for sugar testing 1 1
Plastic cylindar 1 1
Silicone bung (solid) 1 1
Silicone bung (with hole) 1 3
Airlocks 1 3
Plunging tool for mixing 1
Separation tool for racking 1
Funnel 1 1
Wine thief 1 1
Booklet 1 1
25L buckets 5
25L containers (screw-on lids) 3
Frozen must (cultivar of your choice) 100kg
Frozen juice (chenin blanc) 60L
Glass bottles 60 green 60 white
Capsules 60 black 60 white
Corks 60 60
Yeast for alcoholic fermentation 60gr 60gr
Bacteria for malolactic fermentation
Nutrients 60gr 60gr
Bentonite 60gr

*Note: Complete kit sold at special discounted price.