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In order to source good quality grapes we need to contact producers at a very early stage and pay them in advance. Oak barrels are not freely available and are made by coopers with a waiting period of two months. Certain components of the kit are also imported and must be ordered and paid in advance.

Due to the above reasons and that only a limited amount of kits are annualy available, preference will be given to customers who paid their deposit before 30 November 2016.

The kits can be ordered in three parts:

  1. Complete kit: For the beginner that has no equipment
  2. Consumables only: For clients that bought a kit in the past and already have the equipment
  3. Equipment only: For those that can source their own grapes or want to expand their winemaking quantity

To receive an order form, enter your details below:

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  1. Complete above form
  2. We will mail you an order form which you complete and mail back to us
  3. The order form will indicate the deposit payable, the final amount, the approximate courier cost and the banking details for EFT payment
  4. Orders will only be processed on receipt of deposit
  5. Once deposit has been received, we will mail you the booklet
  6. This will give you sufficient time to study the process before the kit is delivered
After we receive your order form, we will notify you regarding stock after which you can make an EFT to our bank account.

Remember to use your name as reference for the EFT.