Welcome to Winemaking Kits

Since 2005, when we started with the 6-bottle kits, we did continuous research and tested various other options for the kits. The kits should meet the following demands:

  • it should be based on the success of the 6-bottle kits, but volumes should be higher so equipment can be utilised optimally
  • the wannabe winemaker should master the art of winemaking through practical experience and enjoy the satisfaction of it
  • it should be affordable
  • the self-made wine should be of the same (or better) standard than cellar wines
  • the price-per-bottle of the self-made wine has to be competitive with similar standard mass-produced wines
  • the kit should be available in two parts: equipment and consumables
  • the equipment should be re-usable, while the consumables should be available on a yearly basis

The 60 bottle kit became so popular (95% of our sales) that we decided to do away with the 30 bottle kit.